I am re-starting  again. It will be different. The impetus for posts is the same: the things that come into my life that interest me, spark some sort of curiosity, that I want to talk about and share. (Mostly writing related, of course, but there may be other things.) I realize now the problem with the way I posted before was in how epic I needed the posts to be when getting across my point. I would have to sit down and compose an essay explaining my ideas, and it always ended disastrously. Yeah, it took too much time. So much time that the majority of the ideas for my posts would never see their way to completion. I was over the idea before it got to the blog, and another, more intriguing idea would be consuming my mind.

So what to do about this problem.

The blog has been sitting nearly dormant for some time now. And that doesn’t feel right either. I need deadlines. I need to be concise. I want more of my ideas to make it to the publishing step. A Novel Pursuit will be structured on the idea that I will post something writing related each day. There may or may not be additional commentary. The things I write about may be based directly on personal experiences or based on something different entirely.

This isn’t a resolution. Resolutions are crutches for people who can’t resolve their problems when they arise. I would hope that a person would be able to make ongoing resolutions throughout the year, when it makes sense for him/her to do so, not when the mass of society is doing the same inane task.

No, A Novel Pursuit is spurred by the same catharsis from its inception: that when after you have wrestled and wrestled with something in your life, all you can do is let go, give into it. To make the best of the future you might have to disregard the tragic past and make things work, because they have to. Make it stupid, banal; turn it around and make it work for yourself. Really, there is no choice involved. Ernest Hemingway once wrote, “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”

That is what will happen here. “Bleeding.” From the heart and from the soul, through the hands and hopefully, with any luck at all, into the hands of others.

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