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Because I’ve gotten horrible at keeping all of my writing files in one organized folder (I’m working on it, I promise!), I was unable to post interview questions a few days ago when I wrote the initial entry on character interviews. I’ve located my “master list” of questions that I use when developing characters and have created a PDF for anyone who may be interested.

You can download it here.

You don’t have to use all of the questions. I rarely do. Pick and choose what works best for the character you’re writing. Make different lists from the questions if you want to. The key is to find the set of questions that will help you learn the most about your characters. It’s a trial and error process at first, but it’s gets easier as you go along.

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[If you try the questions I’ve posted, please let me know how they worked for you. Leave a comment. You can email me, too!]

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