From Gonzaga University

Photo courtesy of Gonzaga University.

Yes, I’ve mustered the courage to walk to Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA. The library, pictured above, is gorgeous. I was hoping to take some of my own pictures, but the weather isn’t very cooperative today. Thus, you get a stock photo. Apologies.

Why am I here? Well, I’m here with the boyfriend who is a student here. He’s in class all day. And me? I’m writing in the library. It’s quiet and peaceful and maybe, just maybe, I’ll get something done today. I have a short story to write before next Tuesday and am still struggling with my outline for my NaNoWriMo idea.

I visited the law school for a bit. Sometimes I wonder if things would be different had I decided to attend when I got accepted. The law school library is gorgeous as well. It’s a bit intimidating, though, with all of those case books and things…

Anyway, a writing post will come son, I promise. It’s been a busy couple of days, but since it’s rainy and I haven’t much else to do today, I thought I’d post a little something. Now, back to writing (hopefully!).

Happy Writing!

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