Can you believe it’s been AN ENTIRE YEAR since I’ve posted here? Goodness. So much has happened.

I moved to Cedar Rapids, Iowa to take a new job. Six months later, I was laid off after my department was eliminated, and I moved back to Wisconsin. I bought a new (used) car and started a new job.

Perhaps the most important part of the last year was my graduation from Lesley University’s MFA program, which happened at the end of June. That was difficult for many reasons, the biggest being that I miss all of my writing friends terribly. And it feels odd to not having set writing deadlines.

But I suppose that’s something that we’ll all deal with and learn to work through.

Along with graduation comes a small amount of extra time. I’ve been using some of that extra time to get back here. I’ve given my site a little makeover, which I hope you’ll enjoy. At the moment, my pages are set to private so I can give them a facelift as well. I have some big(ger) plans and can’t wait to start implementing them.

So, here we are. I’m still writing, still reading, and still learning. I’m still here. So stay tuned, friends. I’ll write again soon.