Nothing seems to be getting better world-wise.

I feel extra helpless as I sit here and watch the world crumble. I know that I can’t control any of these things that are happening, but it still hurts.

COVID-19 cases continue to rise every day. People continue to die every day. Our leaders continue to do nothing every day.

Nobody wants to stay home and try to curb this disaster. We could get this under control as a country in a matter of weeks, but everyone, including our leaders, are far too selfish to make this happen.

Going on this way is not a choice for me. I have to be able to work and I have to go buy groceries and other essentials. With the state of the epidemic as it is, even leaving my apartment is a gamble now.


In the midst of all of this uncertainty and fear, I’ve found the drive to write again. These last few days have been some of my most productive since 2020 began. This productivity has allowed me to finish two chapters of my novel and outline two more. Finding this energy and ambition to be creative during what has become a terrible, no-good, very bad year has not been easy by any means.

And yet, here I am.


During times like these, I’m learning that little victories are all that matter, and that’s perfectly okay.