On Losing Wilko

A few short days ago on June 13th, I lost my best friend unexpectedly. 

Wilko wasn’t a human, but my 13-year-old mini dachshund, who, up until the night of June 11th, had been bright-eyed and full of life and energy. He grew lethargic and ill and was vomiting. A visit to his vet on June 12th resulted in his receiving subcutaneous fluids, anti-vomiting medication, and a bland diet. 

By the next morning, Wilko wasn’t eating or drinking and was very weak. My roommate took him to the local animal hospital where things grew worse and they tried to conduct an ultrasound, but in preparation, lost his tiny heartbeat. 

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On Having Little Motivation

I used to be a proponent of the “write every day no matter what” ideology. I’ve discussed it more than a few times in other posts here. The gist?

“Write every day, even if it’s only a few sentences! Sit down and make yourself write, even if it’s only for ten minutes!”

Writing is an individual pursuit much of the time. Nearly all the time, in fact. As such, you need to be able to tailor your routine to, well, you. Life does and will get in the way of writing. Day jobs, family obligations, social activities and any number of other things demand attention, and it’s impossible to ignore all of those things to write.

Here’s the thing about that: It’s okay.

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A New Writing Space 

A few weeks back, I was lucky enough to be able to get myself a new desk. My writing space is feeling much more welcoming now. All that’s left to find is the right chair. 

On Keeping a Physical Journal

Late last spring, I decided to start keeping a physical journal again.

I’ve always been big on writing my feelings down and keeping track of daily life in this way, but over the past few years, it happened less and less. When I did remember to write things down, I wasn’t really writing them down, per se. I was using an app on my phone (called Day One, which, in itself, is quite outstanding). It was definitely convenient in numerous ways, but after a few years of doing things this way, it just didn’t feel right.

As I’ve stated many times before, I’ve always been someone who thinks better on paper. Not just when writing creatively, but when keeping a journal, too. Because of that little fact, it didn’t take much to get back to a physical journal.

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