Happy Holidays!

I’m leaving town (and thus, my computer) for the holidays in a few minutes and wanted to put up a quick post and wish everyone Happy Holidays! I’ll be back to regular (or semi-regular) posting in a little less than a week. Until then, enjoy the time with your loved ones. Happy Holidays (again)!

New Work: “Midnight Marquee” Revision

I think I said I’d post this a week ago, but it didn’t happen. Apologies. Things came up, you know. Anyway…

I originally posted this story way back at the beginning of October when my first short story workshop was approaching. Going into that workshop, I wasn’t sure what I thought of the story. When I left the class, I never wanted to touch the story again, mostly because it didn’t have the effect on my classmates that I thought it would. I wanted to bypass the “placing-the-story-in-a-drawer-and-leaving-it-sit” stage and shred the paper copies and delete the file from my MacBook.

This wasn’t possible, though, because as my luck would have it, the story needed to be substantially revised and included as part of the final portfolio for the end of the class.

I put the revisions off as long as possible, picking the story up again two weeks from the day it was due (December 7th). I marked the paper copy up so much, I nearly went through an entire red gel pen. The end result was a bit more cohesive and understandable than the first draft. It, along with the revision of another story, was enough to get me an A in the course.

In any case, if you’re interested in reading the new version, click on. And as always, feedback is appreciated.

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