On Bullet Journals & Organization

Over the years — from high school on, really — I’ve always tried to keep myself organized. The key word there is tried. Whether the need for organization sprouted from the fact that I had a million things going or because of my slight OCD, I’m not sure, but inevitably, my attempts at keeping myself organized would fail.

I bought calendars and planners and even just used lists in various forms, and I did things this way for years. Some of these methods would stick for a month or two at best, while others were basically DOA. I’d waffle between lists and planners and — once smartphones arrived — trying keep everything crammed into the woefully inadequate calendar on whatever phone I was using at the time. Nothing worked like I imagined it would. I wrote day or times down incorrectly or would forget to write anything down at all. Each time I’d try a method for the second, third or fifth time, I’d always end up right back at square one.

Enter the Bullet Journal.

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