A Resolution of Sorts

Image courtesy of Creative Commons.

I’ve never really believed in New Year’s resolutions, mostly because no one I know has ever kept one. I’ve never made any of my own before and had no intention of doing so this year.

A few days ago, I was thinking about the rest of this year (odd, I know, since it’s barely begun). I don’t have many things planned outside of activities related to grad school. Going off of that, my one major goal—resolution, if that’s what you’d like to call it—aside from finding a full-time job is to finish one of my novels by the time I graduate next December. I’m not sure which one it will be yet, but I plan to sort that out over the next few months.

In the days since last semester ended, I’ve been thinking over a few other things. Furthering my education past the MA in English is one of those things. I’ve decided to apply to four advanced programs, at least one of which will be a PhD program. I’ve narrowed the list of school considerably over the past few months. Further narrowing needs to be done before the later half of the coming summer.

I’ve made plans to begin studying for the GRE exams as soon as I can purchase the books I need. I’ll be taking the GRE General Test, as well as the GRE Subject Test in Literature in order to be considered by PhD programs. Those programs also require proficiency, or at least the ability to translate a decent sized chunk of text, in one or two foreign languages. I’m starting to re-teach myself French and am using Rosetta Stone software to do so. I’m also thinking of making a foray into German language through the same method.

I’ll be busy throughout the coming months. Classes resume soon, and those, along with this mix of studying, writing, and novel research will be incredibly time consuming. It’s going to be difficult. Oddly enough, i’m looking forward to it.

I want 2011 to be an interesting year. I want good things to happen. I can’t say what will happen in any facet of my life, but I’m hopeful. That’s really all I can ask for at this point. And so, to my readers and anyone else who may stumble across this, take note—I’ve just made my first New Year’s resolution (of sorts).

Happy Writing,