Over the past several months as I was trying to pull myself back together enough to continue blogging and writing on a regular schedule, I toyed with a few ideas for this blog/website. Those changes have now been made and are as follows:

  • The “Creative Writing” page no longer exists. Separate pages have been developed instead.
  • All of my current poetry is listed on the “Poetry” page.
  • My short stories and other short fiction pieces are on the “Short Stories” page.
  • Both of my novels have their own pages, and the chapters are posted there one by one as I write or rewrite them. When revisions are made to those chapters, I’ll make a separate post so my readers stay current.

I’m getting used to change, even though I still have some issues with it. But then, I suppose we all do. I’m also toying with the idea of a domain change, but that will come when my current one expires, which isn’t for another year. I may find a new look for ANP, as well. We shall see what interesting things come up.

For now, stay tuned and happy writing,

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